Saturday, February 21st, 2009

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I recently read two books in the last three days. Both of them has hit me hard in their own way.

The first is:

Mentor: The Kid & The CEO by Tom Pace. Fiction
This book is a very, very easy read. It is awesome, inspirational and makes me want to get out there and start doing something to improve the quality of my life and that of my daughters'. The language is the cleanest I've ever read, and Pace gives it to us straight. If you are in need of some wisdom, some inspiration, or just a very easy, entertaining read, I strongly recommend this book. I finished it in less than a day; it was that good!

And now to the second:

The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum. Fiction.
If "splashpunk" is your thing, this is a definite choice. But, beware, it deals with extremely sensitive nature, such as child abuse. I know many of you have read a lot of books about child abuse, but this is more than I have ever dealt with, and I am not easily fazed by much of anything, even the most grisly. Ketchum's description of the abuse is very gory, violent and heartrending. I found myself clenching my fists and toes at certain parts, pleading with this boy to end the craziness, and dreaded the next page, not knowing what Ketchum would hit me with next. If you are highly sensitive and have a weak stomach, do not pick up a copy of this book. I am not kidding. Only the brave, the guttiest, the courageous and the hardiest should ever give this book a shot. Also a fascinating read (the old adage in play here: Want to look away but cannot...), enough that I could not put it down and thus finished it in a day.

PS: I included links in the titles for your convenience. I am that nice. :-P


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