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I am trying to raise as much money as possible for the week of March 22 to 27th. Amy is coming to visit me (she will arrive on the 23rd), and I will have to pick her up in Nashville (about an hour away). Then on the 25th, I have to make yet another trip to Nashville to drop off my roommate at the airport. Finally, on the morning of the 27th, I will, once again, return to Nashville, to drop off Amy at the bus station. Hours later, late evening, I have to make yet another and final trip back to Nashville.... to pick up my roommate from the airport. That is two hours driving time per trip. Which makes it 8 hours, total. And the van is a huge gas guzzler....

So, you see, I am trying to raise as much as I can. If you are willing, I am once again posting a site that has paid me several times simply for doing offers or for referrals. None of my referrals are active, but I did earn $0.50 for each sign-up, and I was able to withdraw that into my PayPal.

You do not have to complete any offers or enter any contests/games, if you do not want to. All I ask is that you sign up under my referral link. Simple as that. Of course, I strongly encourage you to read the FAQs and instructions on how to complete offers/contests/games and give it a shot, yourself. I do not care that you do anything that would give me extras, I simply want you to sign-up.

Thanks all!!

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