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What the hell is it with people, men, women and children alike? What gives you the God-given right to judge people on their appearance? To stare and jeer, point and laugh? Does it make you feel like a better, bigger (no pun intended) person to lower the self-esteem of fat people?

Yes, that is right, I said fat. I reserve the right to use that word as freely as I damn well please, because I am a fat person. Obese? That's just a medically nicer way of calling you fat. Fat by another name is still just as fat. Moving on...

Now, what I don't get is why can't a person be given a chance in hell because of who s/he is rather than because of how s/he looks? Can't anyone see beyond the cover, and read the pages to gain an attraction? I've often discarded several books because the title and picture in front wasn't catchy... then I would give them a shot.. And you know what? These books were fucking awesome! I berated myself for tossing them to begin with, which made me no better than a man who turns his eyes away the minute a fat woman comes across his line of sight!

Sure, you tell me I am outraged because I am a fat person. If I were thin, I wouldn't be giving this so much as a second thought. Well, guess what? That would be where you are wrong! As a kid, I was a very lean and fast (as in running, you perverts!) girl. I was a looker, by all means! I have photos to prove it! But, even then, I was infuriated every time I heard snide remarks about fat kids, ugly kids, stupid kids. I would come to their defense right quick, and try my best to make the person of the scorn feel better. It is not because I'm fat that I sympathize with others like myself; it is that I give a good goddamn about how people are treated!

Not long ago, I read that a certain person prefers to have a woman smaller than himself. Just another way of saying, "I don't want a fat woman." Fortunately, I know this person enough to know he didn't mean it in a demeaning way; He simply prefers his mate to be smaller. I guess that is understandable - who would want to be crushed under the weight of a fat person? But he at least does not shun fat people. Rather, he treats them with respect. For that, he earns brownie points with me!

If anyone I date tells me, "I will not marry you until you lose weight, because I want my woman healthy so that I can outlive you...because I love you too much to have you die first!" I would smack that bastard in the face so hard his head spins, and I will never speak to him again!

There are millions of fat people. We are not going to go away. Deal with us, and show us the respect you seem to reserve for your thinner counterparts.. We are fat and we are beautiful!

Fuck you for thinking otherwise.
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