What The Incredi-Fuck?

Friday, September 22nd, 2017 00:04
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On multiple occasions over the span of weeks, the official Twitter account for Equifax responded to customer inquiries by apparently directing them to a fake phishing site.

This is from NPR. After a cyberattack that potentially exposed the personal information of 143 million people, the credit reporting agency Equifax set up www.equifaxsecurity2017.com, a website to help people determine whether they had been affected.

However, on multiple occasions over the span of weeks, the company's official Twitter account responded to customer inquiries by apparently directing them to a fake phishing site called www.securityequifax2017.com.

Luckily, the fake site — blocked or flagged by many Internet browsers, was taken down Wednesday afternoon.

Now there's this tidbit:
"The site was build by Nick Sweeting to educate people rather than steal their information. A banner on the top read: "Cybersecurity Incident & Important Consumer Information Which Is Totally Fake, Why Did Equifax Use A Domain That's So Easily Impersonated By Phishing Sites?""

This is a huge article.

Wednesday: Basic Instructions

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 00:36
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Nothing is less manly than worrying about whether what you’re doing is manly or not. Picture Clint Eastwood worrying about if what he’s doing is “manly.” I can’t. The man became famous wearing a poncho, and playing a character called “Blondie.” He didn’t worry about if it looked manly. He recognized that he made it look manly by being the one doing it.

John Wayne, on the other hand, did worry about looking manly. He once Gave Kirk Douglas a hard time about playing “effeminate weaklings.” To be fair, that might have been the mental fallout from growing up with the name Marion.
- Scott Meyers

I've had a heck of a day. I have no idea what I've accomplished with insurance. I was told I was accepted, then I was told they could get it cheaper for me but Kevin would be nearly double - it still falls under $1000 a month but I'm staring at 4 rejection letters 3 from one insurance company and 1 from the insurance company I thought I WAS dealing with. Now somehow in all of this, I've managed to reapply.
This is what I get for handling a chiro bill and optometrist visit (whoops - are you sure you can't leave us your glasses? No.) at the same time while a friend talks to me about a potential job and needs my resume.
Why did everything have to happen in those 30 minutes? I had all goddamned day.

Last night, we caught Perturbator in concert. It was great! I'd write more but I'm freezing for some reason. I hope I didn't catch some concert crude.

Friday: Build Your Own Demotivator

Friday, September 15th, 2017 11:44
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Making a joke in 2017
More of a pain in the ass than 2016

She honestly thought I fell in the tub

Wednesday : Basic Instructions

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 09:27
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This comic is based directly—l mean word-for-word directly—on an actual moronic conversation I had with a friend. He really felt this way about the first Abrams Star Trek movie, for the reason listed here, and admitted to not liking Bond movies either. The guy is still a friend, and is actually proud of this conversation, which I think proves that some people are just born fundamentally wrong. - Scott Meyer.

Well, this is gonna be a solid update.

Filing for Unemployment
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I'm still unable to file online and I cannot get through the phone.

Next: Resume
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Medical front - or why I keep waffling on the resume.
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Now on to the spare cat.
She is traumatized and starved and injured. The only reason I haven't rampaged is because the owner is making the girlfriend get rid of HER cat that was causing the trouble. the cat has a mild infection in one ear. Her scratches are healing quickly and she is eating a lot. She actually doesn't like gooshy, she prefers crunchy. This makes the other cats squat outside the bathroom door - hoping to get to the wonderful smelly stuff that has gone untouched.
She is very lonely but we can't keep petting her and still tend to the house, play on the computer, go to appointments and sleep. She can't handle the sight of another cat or dog. Nyx, who is usually the peace maker that eases new cats into the fold, gets hissed at when she pokes in her head. Nyx immediately pulls her head out and walks away, understanding - it seems.
We still keep her in the bathroom because our new bed is simply too much trouble to get under should she get under there and pee - something the cats in her house were doing. I bring her toys and cat nip and she has a box the other cats use to lay in a lot so she can use to their scents, but it's not enough, really. She's finally recovered and today she is meowing a lot. I go in, scoop her up and cuddle her. To her credit, she doesn't even claw out of delight (milk treading as it's called). So she was really pushed to attack that kid. She doesn't even claw us when we're holding her and Oscar shoves his head into the bathroom - she just hisses.
Her eye is healed, I can't tell which one was injured.

Her new owner has the vet appointment set for the 19th. So hopefully this goes well. The new owner is more than irked at the old owner but they have a history. A deep colorful history.
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Yeah. history.

If he gets rid of the dog, I will take that dog but I will also point to the girlfriend and explain "If you get rid of this one next, don't call me."

I'm mildly bitchy with good reason. She mentioned he can pick up the towel "the next time he visits your commune". I'm like 'there are way more people living here than my place' and he's visited only twice this year. I do not care if she reads this, she's acting up like a teen with trust issues. No one should ever restrict someone's access to their friends.

I will totally take his dog because she's like Oscar's girlfriend and she's fine with the cats. The trouble is she's an escape artist. She's also built like a greyhound and gets on the dining room table; but since we're both home all the time, we can teach her house manners.

The dog is ADORABLE )

So there ya have it. Monday we drove out to pick a friend up for work. His car had been impounded and he lives in the ass end of Texas. There is a process of moving that's slow going. You have to sell the house before you can buy a new house to move into. Ass-End means at least an hour or 2 drive (so Uber and Lyft are right out). We left our home at 1, we got back at 6 because of Monday rush traffic. We'll be doing it again on Friday. Thankfully we're just taking him to work those 2 days. He's got his rides laid out and his first paycheck will go towards getting a beater to drive. He can't get his own car back because the impound fee is $1,200 and the monthly payment on the car is $400. Yeah eff that.

During the writing of this, I have called the unemployment line 6 times. "We are unable to handle your call at this time." and then hangs up.


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