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This post is in honor of a very special, close friend of mine.

For nearly six years, this woman has toiled over her studies. So many times, she has wanted to just quit because the workload was so overwhelming. She faced several hard obstacles throughout the years. She has had to deal with her youngster's potential learning disabilities, as well as run a single-family household. She has had to deal with her own mental exhaustion and loneliness.

She fought, tooth and nails, to get to where she is today. Many a times, I have had to listen to her whine about how she wanted the semester to be over, already. I have had to listen to her rant about her professors, her classes, her grades. I have had to reassure her and keep her going. I have had to push her education on her, beg her to continue, to finish.

Through it all, she stuck it out, even when she felt like she could do no more. She braved the odds and defeated each huge hurdle that she encountered along the way.

That woman is now graduating in May from the University of Texas at Arlington. Not only that, she is also graduating in the top 1% of all May graduates.

She, my friends, is graduating with the highest honors of Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Education.

Please extend your warmest, sincerest congratulations to my friend, Miss Opal Luedke!
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Thursday, April 26th, 2007 12:15
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There is this chick in my Literature class who just will not shut up. She tells us real-life stories of relevance (plays she has gone to, discussions she has participated in, etc.), constantly asks the Professor one question after another, and just generally makes me want to puke all over my desk and scoop the liquid back into my mouth just so that I could puke again. Every time she speaks, I wince, roll my eyes, groan and grunt... Everything but smile. My interpreters find this amusing.

But inside, I am smiling. Broadly. Because she reminds me so much of Opal. If not for Opal's big mouth and her inability to shut the fuck up in CoSc back in Hill College, I would never have tried to shut her up and somehow make friends instead. And discover the weird network of how she and I are actually closer, in distance and family connection, than we thought.

Here's a salute to [livejournal.com profile] green_slave. You and your girls are the greatest!



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